School Principal Message

Mr. Madho Singh

Cleaning is very important in every person's life. Cleanliness is important for a healthy body, mind and spirit. Every person has been taught the importance of cleanliness especially in his childhood. Teachers ask students to adopt various methods to teach important lessons of cleanliness.
Cleansing is not physical only, it is also social and mental which helps in maintaining good personality and keeping a good impression on others. Cleanliness gives birth to good character by keeping body, mind and soul clean and peaceful.
Is not it that we feel strong and wealthy when we keep ourselves and our surroundings clean. It makes our soul positive and happy. Maintaining hygiene is an important part of a healthy life because it is only hygiene that helps improve our personality by keeping it cleaned internally and internally.
Someone has rightly said that sanitation is the path of righteousness. This means that by maintaining cleanliness and having good thoughts, people reach closer or closer to God. Personal hygiene is considered to be a symbol of the sanctity of body and soul, which is important for achieving healthy and spiritual relationships. It is very important to be clean to get good health, to stay positive and to lead a moral life.
It is not hard to keep yourself clean or to keep our environment clean. We should do it for ourselves, our inner happiness and peace. It is our responsibility to encourage human beings to be safe and clean. Cleanliness helps us in creating a positive public image and helps us to be healthy and wealthy.
By maintaining cleanliness, we can save ourselves from diseases and unhealthy social, physical and mental internal insecurities. Regular cleaning in our daily routine is very simple. We should never compromise cleanly.